Class Schedule (Archive)

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Union City Class Schedule


Classes use an exciting variety of materials and art-making processes including Chinese Painting, Drawing, Painting (Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil), Sketch, Mixed Media, Clay, Sculpture, and Print Art.

2 – 4 yrs: Focus on developing hand-eye coordination, muscle movement, learning shapes, colors, and use of basic materials.

4 – 7 yrs: Create artwork that reflects familiar topics while using a wide variety of materials.  Music as inspiration for artwork. Focus on exercising individual creativity and working independently.

7 – 10 yrs: Focus on imagination-based painting and drawing.  Develop technical proficiency, competence in color mixing, and ability to draw and paint realistically. Incorporate styles and techniques from past and modern artists.

10 + yrs: Understanding light, shadow, and the human figure. Emphasis on shading, perspective, composition, and developing finished pieces.  Develop individual and imaginative style while incorporating personal emotion into artwork.